Small Deep Freezers

Small Deep Freezers

We are going to be talking about compact deep freezers in this article, so hopefully we can help you find something that suits your needs. There are many different kinds available on the market, so we will be discussing some of the features to look out for, then having a look at some of the most popular models you can currently get. If you want you can skip the features section and go right onto the recommended models section by clicking here. Otherwise keep reading to find out what sort of features you should consider before making a purchase. If you are a first time buyer then we would recommend start here.

What features should you look out for?

When it comes to picking out a small chest freezer or small upright freezer, there are some features you need to take into consideration. The first of these is the size of the unit. Most smaller freezers tend to have a capacity of around 1.1 cubic feet, but you do get slightly bigger ones that go up to 1.3 cubic feet. This extra capacity can make a little difference, so keep this in mind before you make a purchase. These are the very smallest ones you can get, which look like the picture to the left. The next biggest size up from these is about 3 cubic feet, but these tend to start costing almost 2x as much. These are the upright kind, and they don’t fit under most counter tops.
Next you will need to consider if you need to be able to lock the freezer. A popular use of these small freezers are for students who are living in dorms. Having a flatmate that likes to “borrow” food is an annoying and common occurrence, so a lock could easily solve this. Perhaps you may have small children who you think will enjoy leaving the freezer door open. A lock could come in handy in this situation.
If space is really tight, then you may run into an issue with the direction the door opens. The good news is that some of these freezers have reversible doors. Thus if you only have a very small space for the freezer, you can make the door open in the direction which will give you the most convenient access to it.

Another interesting fact is that some of the compact freezers can also be used as fridges. These come with a wide temperature range built in, so some models can work great as an overflow fridge if need be. If you think that you might need this option, then remember to keep an eye out for this.
Another minor consideration is wheter or not the freezer has a removable rack. Some of the very cheap units have built in racks, which are difficult to remove. This can cause issues if you have taller foods which won’t fit into the freezer. It can also make cleaning the freezer easier if you can remove the rack, so it is a good extra feature to have.
The last item to consider is the design of the unit. Most small deep freezers come in the standard white design, which tends to go quite nicely with any home. However these days there are quite a few different designs to pick from. Stainless steel freezers are quite a popular choice, as they blend in very nicely with a modern home. They cost the same as the white color varieties, so it is up to you to decide which one will go best with your home.
Those are some of the features you should remember to keep in mind when you are shopping for your freezer, now lets have a look at some of the best ones currently available on the market.

Recommended model – Edgestar CRF150SS

There are three decent freezers we will have a look at today, and the first is the Edgestar CRF150SS. This is a 1.1 cubic foot freezer, and it comes in a stylish stainless steel design. This can be used as a refrigerator or a freezer, and also has a reversible door. It has a temperature range of 0F – 40F, and has a lock with two keys. The temperature gauge can be a little confusing with the way it is designed, so we recommend you read the owners manual to avoid any confusion.

This is a decent little freezer, and the ability to use it as a fridge too is a nice bonus. With a retail price of around $200, this one looks like a quality choice. At the time of writing it had a 4.5 star user rating on Amazon, and you can find out more about it and read some of the reviews over here.

Recommended model – Igloo-FRF110

If you are looking for something a bit more basic and affordable, then the Igloo-FRF110 may be what you need. This is a slightly cheaper option, but is a very popular choice due to the attractive pricepoint. It is missing some options such as a lock and even an internal light, but the price certainly reflects this. This model is roughly the same size as the Edgestar above, and has a 1.1 cubic foot capacity in total. It also has a reversible door, and the wire rack is removable for the storage of bigger items. It comes in a white design, and the handle is receded for saving space.

Despite being bigger, it actually weighs less than the Edgestar above at 34.2 lbs. This unit comes standard with a one year warranty. With a retail price of around $120, this one seems like great value for money if you want a basic compact freezer. You can find out more about over at the Amazon listing.

Recommended model – Midea WHS-109F

Lastly we have the Midea WHS-109F. This model has a more than double the capacity of the other two smaller freezers, as it comes with 3 cubic feet of storage space. It is quite skinny, and is virtually the same size as two of the Haier fridges listed above stacked on top of each other. It has seperate wire drawers, and comes in three different colors including white (pictured), black and stainless steel. The door is reversible, and it has dimensions of 19.72″ W x 21.26″D x 33.86″ H. It has full temperature range control, and operates very quietly. This is an ideal choice for small areas, but please check the height of your counter if you want to place it under one as it is quite tall. With a retail price of around $250, this model looks like another good choice. You can check the latest pricing and read some of the many happy user reviews on the product page.

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