Standing Coat Racks

Standing Coat Racks

In this article we will be discussing standing coat racks. Many people have trouble storing all their coats and outdoor wear. Often coats and jackets are thrown onto the back of chairs or in a corner, which looks very untidy and does not keep them in their best condition. Other people have a big trunk by their door which they keep all their coats in. This is a good way to keep them in place, but you will often have to dig around the coats to find the one you want. And being crumpled up won’t keep them looking too great. If you have the luxury of a closet, you will have an area to hang your coats, but this can often be too small. And besides, if you have some expensive coats would you want them hidden away or out in the open on display? So what is the best way to manage your coats and jackets? Standing racks are a very good way to keep them in good shape, and out of the way. This is without a doubt the easiest way to do it, as besides adding functionality, they look stunning in your home. Below will will have a look at some of the different choices you have when looking at coat racks.

What designs do you get?

Today you will find that there are many different designs and styles of racks on the market. There are types to suit both modern and traditional homes, and everything in between. The are quite easy to move around, and many have wheels as they can be tough to move if they are weighed down with heavy coats. The ability to move them is a big advantage in comparison to the wall mounted variety. If you decide to buy a wall rack, and need to move it, you will find that it has left big holes in the wall which you will then need to fill in and paint. Next you have to go to the trouble of drilling holes, and fitting it again. You don’t have this hassle with a free standing rack. Another advantage is that standing racks can also have additional compartments to hold your umbrellas, keys or anything else you might want to take with you before leaving home.
So where is the best location for your rack to go? Many of us have hallways by our front door, and this is an ideal spot for a coat rack. Otherwise close to your door is always a good choice, as the first thing you do when you get home is normally take your coat off. Or the last thing you do before you leave your house is put your coat on, so somewhere around the entrance to your house would be best.

What materials are used to make them?

If you are looking at buying a standing coat rack, you will notice that they come in several different materials. Wood is quite a popular choice as it goes with many different decor styles in the home. Many different wood finishes and styles are available – from retro to ultra modern. Other popular materials include wrought iron or standard iron. Both these metal coat stands are more premium, and designed with a modern home in mind. You may wonder if you can buy a plastic coat rack – you can, but they are not very popular. The reason for this is because plastic is quite weak, and they cannot hold up to the weight of several heavy coats unfortunately. For this reason alone we think you should definitely avoid any plastic models.
So which kind of rack is best for you? The first thing to consider is how many coats/hats/scarves you need space for. Some only offer a few hooks for your items, whereas others could offer a dozen or more. The next thing you should think about is what material you want. This will largely depend on what type will match your current decor. For the average person, a wooden coat racks will be suitable, but if you want something with a bit more style you should look at a metal or wrought iron stand. The last thing to consider is the size of the stand. Some are designed to be very compact for tight spaces, and others are almost like a mini tree to house your items! Make sure you check how much space you have first, then check the model specifications to make sure it will be a good fit.

Where can you get them?

The internet is a great place to buy them. There are thousands of sites out there offering great deals on coat racks, and you have the option to read other people’s reviews of the product before you purchase it. You will find they come in a wide price range, so do a bit of research first. So take a look online, and you will be sure to find many bargains! Amazon is a great place to get an idea of the variety of different models available, and you can see what they currently offer on their website.

Keep these tips in mind, and you will be sure to find a rack that will help you keep your home tidy, and that add a great look and feel too!

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