T-Fal Toasters

T-Fal Toasters

In this article we will be discussing the T-Fal toaster. Almost everyone likes a slice of toast in the morning, or as a snack during the day. You will find though that not every toaster can do a good job of toasting your bread. In these modern times toasters have changed from units that cook two pieces of bread to multifunctional mini ovens. These are known as toaster ovens. T-Fal make a good selection of them, and besides making the perfect piece of toast, they can do other things like cook, heat up, reheat and defrost food. As far as toasting bread goes, the average model can toast between 4 and 8 pieces of bread at a time – perfect for a large family. Below we will be talking about some of the many advantages of owning a toaster.

The Different Types Of T-Fal Models

You will find T-Fal models come in many different models and sizes. There is a variety out there to suit every home. To start with we will talk about the digital style toasters. Yes you read that right – kitchen appliances like everything else are now turning digital! Most of the digital models have about 8 levels of toasting, and if you want to stop the toasting procedure you can at the push of a button. As with all other digital products out there it will feature a lcd screen. The toasting slots can self adjust so thick or thin bread should not be a problem. The adjustment feature ensures you get a perfectly even toast no matter what the thickness of bread you use. Most of them even come with a defroster, which is another handy feature to have.

Next we will talk about the standard T-Fal models. A good one to look out for is the Avante Classic Toaster. It can toast 4 slices of bread at a time, and is especially recommended if you have kids due to the “safe to touch” exterior of the unit. It also has a handle if you are after a toaster that you can take with you. Often we have a problem with toast burning if it gets jammed. T Fal have come up with a very handy solution, which has been implemented in all the T Fal Toaster models. It shuts the machine down if the bread gets jammed, thereby ensure that your toast never gets burnt. Besides this there is another good feature in this model, known as the quick reheat. This is to warm bread that has already been toasted which is great if you are in a rush and forget about your toast, only to come back to it a few minutes later. With a push of this button you can get your toast back to the temperature it should be without cooking it any further. The T Fal Toaster Avante Classic comes in two different colors – white and black, so you can choose whichever suits your kitchen decor best.

The T fal Avante Glass Top Toaster is another popular choice. One of the best parts of this T Fal toaster is the design. The top and front of the cooker are covered in glass, which looks very at home in a modern age kitchen. Besides that it offers many great features such having a compartment at the top which keeps food warm while other food is cooking in the toaster. The rest of the toaster is fairly standard and offers great value for money in a stylish design.

Features You Should Look For

There are some features you should look out for when choosing your T-Fal toaster. The first is the toasting capacity and size. This determines how many bread pieces you can toast at a time, and the capacity determines how much you can fit in your toaster. This is important as it will determine what you can actually cook in there. If you only intend to cook smallish meals then you shouldn’t have a problem. If you want to cook something slightly bigger then you can look at some of the larger models. The next feature you should be aware is called convection. All the T-Fal models feature this this, and some of the cheaper brands do not. This feature ensures that that food is cooked evenly and as quick as possible. The heat is fanned around which allows the food to be cooked properly from every direction. This is why toaster ovens are also sometimes referred to as a convection oven, or a convection toaster oven.


T-Fal have been around since the early 1950’s, since the invention of the non stick frying pan. This particular invention rocketed their popularity, and they are still innovating to this day, particularly in the toaster market. When choosing your toaster, make sure you look at T-Fal models as they will last you for many years, comes at a great price, and will make sure your food is cooked perfectly every time!
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