Toothless Plush

Toothless Plush

Some of you may have a child that is wanting a “Toothless” toy, and you could be at this point scratching your head wondering exactly what this is. Toothless is one of the main characters in a collection of books and two Hollywood movies.
How To Train Your Dragon is a series of 10 childrens books where we first first encounter the “Toothless” character. But more than likely your child will have learned about him in the big Hollywood movie of the same name which came out in 2010, and of course the sequel which came out in 2014. We’ll have info on that below if you want to find out more about the characters, otherwise you can click here to see some of the various toys we have found for purchase.

A bit of info about Toothless the dragon

The basic plot of the movie is that there is a viking village which dragons frequently attack. Our hero of the movie is a young viking boy named Hiccup, who sets out to capture one of the dragons to prove his manhood. Hiccup is very small for his age, and therefore struggles to use the traditional viking weapons. In order to avoid the brutal methods the other vikings use to catch dragons, He decides to build a machine to capture a dragon. Using the machine he built he manages to capture one. This particular dragon is a very rare one called a Night Fury, and is known as Toothless. Toothless is named that way because he has retractable teeth. Over the course of the movie the two develop an unlikely friendship, and discover that there is ignorance and false truths on both sides of the vikings and dragons which is responsible for the fighting between the two. These two companions set out to change all that, and along the way have a roller coaster of a ride. All in all it is a great movie, and besides being very entertaining it also teaches good values and morals to your kids.

This animated movie received rave reviews, and after the release of the movie there was a big demand for toy replicas of the characters. None seemed to follow, presumably due to licensing issues with the books and toys. In recent years however, Dreamworks have starting pushing out some of the plush toys, so it seems like they are now freely available to purchase from a few select places. These only seem to be available for order online however, and none of the big retail stores seem to keep them unfortunately.
Below we have listed one of the of the places where you can obtain these toys for a reasonable price.

7″ Inch Deluxe Night Fury Toothless Poseable Figure Plush Doll

This is the original toy plush made by Dreamworks, and currently sold on Amazon. This is undoubtedly what most of you have been looking for! It is roughly 7″ tall, and has a wingspan of almost 20″. The wings are wired, and can be set in various poses, including closed (like a bat) and fully extended. It is very durable, and designed to withstand all the heavy handed playing a child can throw at it!

It is a very good replica compared to the movie character, and should delight any child who is a fan. At the time of writing, the price was only around $10 which makes it a very reasonable toy for any child who loves the books or movie! You will find this model for sale on Amazon, and you can read some of the user reviews and check the current price on the product page.

8″ Toothless Soft Toy

If you are looking for something a bit more cute and cuddy, then the 8″ toy might be what you want. This model was released shortly after the second movie, and is designed for ages 4 and up. It is very softy and is designed to withstand many hours of play and fun! It is a little larger than the 7″ above, but the price point is roughly the same at around $10. This model comes as part of a series, and you can also find some of the other How To Train Your Dragon characters such as Nader and Gronkle for sale at the same price.

At the time of writing this model had a 4.2 star user rating on Amazon, so it seems like the majority of the buyers are very pleased with it. With a very affordable retail price and many good reviews, it seems like this one is a winner. You can find out more about this particular model and check the availibility on the Amazon page.

15″ Night Fury Plush Cushion Pillow

Another item we stumbled upon while looking for a Toothless plush is this charming pillow cushion featuring the loveable character. It is about 15″ and is made out of chenille fabric which is very soft to the touch. It can be used as a pillow or a cushion, and is the perfect companion to a plush toy. The eye material is made out of reflective fabric giving it a realistic appearance.

It is machine washable friendly, so you can toss it in the washing machine without any worries. It comes with heavy duty stitching so should provide many years of happy cuddling. With a price of around the $10 mark, this is a one seems like a nice little addition to a toy. You can check the current availability and pricing over at Amazon.

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