Twister Bed Sheets

Twister Bed Sheets

The game twister first swept America by storm almost fifty years ago in 1966, and since then has remained a staple favorite in everyone’s collection of games. All this time later it is still as popular as ever, and now the world famous game is available in the form of bed sheets! Everyone loves a game of twister, so these make a great gift or provide a new and fresh look if you want something new and exciting for your bedroom! They come in several different varieties, so which is best for you? Keep reading to find out more.

What sizes do twister sheets come in?

These come in two main sizes, double and king. You might be wondering why these don’t come in a single bed size, and the reason for this is that it is a game designed for couples to play. Plus a single bed is more of a rectangular shape, so how can you play on that type of bed?

Twister has always had more of an adult theme, so the bed sheets are mainly catered towards couples who want to have a bit of fun in the bedroom. This is why they are great as a novelty gift idea, such as for a hen party or anniversaries to spice things up a bit. Getting twisted and knotted together in a game of twister can lead to other games, so this is what the main aim of the sheets are! Now let’s move onto what the sheets are made from.


What are the sheets made out of?

Most of the sheets are made out of cotton which has several advantages.The main benefit is comfort as it is a very soft fabric. Your bed is where you spent a third of your entire life, so a comfortable material should be a big consideration! Another good advantage to having cotton sheets is the durability of the fabric. Cotton last much longer than other popular bedding fabrics like polyester, so is without a doubt a better value for money investment in the long term. Another good benefit is the breath-ability of the material. Materials like polyester tend to trap in the heat, which can lead to discomfort during the hotter months of the year. Cotton on the other hand allows some of the heat to dissipate through the stitching, which means your body temperature helps to regulate the current temperature. This is particularly handy with your bed sheets when a game has left you all hot and bothered, or the resulting after effects of the game have tired you out! Other cheaper varities can be found which are a cotton and polyester blend.
The actual ink dots that make up the twister circles are made out of bleed resistant ink, so your sheets will look as good as new in 10 years time!

Where can you buy them, and what do they cost?

Since these bed sheets are considered to be a bit of a novelty item, you may find that they are a bit tough to track down. You won’t really find them in any of the big retail shops like Walmart or Lowes unfortunately, so where can you get them? The good news is that there are quite a few internet sites out there that currently have them for sale. For the cheaper cotton / polyester blends, you can expect to pay around $30. If you want cotton sheets then the price generally goes up to around $50+, which is around the average price you can expect to pay for ordinary cotton sheets. So if you are looking for these particular bed sheets, then your best bet is to look on the internet and you should be able to find a set without too much difficulty. Remember to shop around to find the best deal.

Hopefully your new twister bed sheets will provide many hours of fun and entertainment! Remember to follow the maintenance instructions that come with them, and they will give you many hours of use.

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