Wall Mounted Candle Holders

Wall Mounted Candle Holders

Today we will be talking about wall mounted candle holders. These are a very fashionable item right now, and we hope to give you some good information to help you choose the ideal one. In the past couple of years there has been a massive resurgence in home decoration. Many people love to give their homes a complete face lift or a new look, and this has given rise to many new wonderful objects for our homes. You may have noticed that scented candles have become popular in many homes. They keep the air fresh without the overpowering odour of an air-freshener, and also add great decoration to any room. More than often you will see scented candles on the table, although there is now a much better way to use them. Candle holders look much better, and add a great feel to the room. If you have scented candles, then the best way to integrate them in the room is with candle holders.

The various types

One of the best candle holders for smaller candles is a glass type holder. The reason for this is that glass will compliment whatever it is matched with. No matter what the texture or color of the wall, you can place a glass holder on it without fear of upsetting the decor. They simply look marvellous. A good idea if you have a glass candle holder is to buy some colored candles for them. This makes them really stand out. Think about buying red votive candles if you have any other red decor in the room.

This really highlights and brings out the best in your current decor by bringing together the entire look.
If you have bold colors on the wall such as red, green or yellow then you might consider purchasing some black or white candles. These will compliment the wall particularly well.

The various styles

Keeping in mind some of the relevant info we have so far, we will examine some of the other styles and materials out there. If your home has modern decor, or a more modern look, than metal mounted holders may be the best choice for you. Three very elegant and stylish choices of metal candle holders are wrought iron, copper and brass. The best choice of candles for these two styles are votive or pillar, although this will depend on the size/model you buy. When buying candle holders, you will find that they can come in either multiple holders, or single ones. This basically means that one holder will hold one candle (single type) and a multiple holder will hold multiple candles. The multiple holders are great if you intend to create a personalized and unique design.
It is always good to let your imagination run wild when you are decorating or adding onto your home decor. The first thing we think of when picturing candle holders is the living room. This will always work well, especially if you like having a romantic time with your partner by cuddling up with a movie.

A formal dining area is another good choice for wall mounted candle holders. If you want to create a relaxed and warm ambiance at a dinner party, you can light your candles. Many people will also consider the bedroom. Because the bedroom is often not seen by any of your guests, it tends to be a bit neglected when it comes to style. This is where the holders really shine (no pun intended). They create a relaxing feel, which is exactly what you need after a long day at the office. There is nothing like huddling about with a warm beverage and a book in bed, and the candle holders help you achieve a relaxed state of mind.


Since these items are very popular right now, you should be able to find them quite easily in your local department stores. If you are struggling to find a suitable model, then somewhere like Amazon is certainly worth a look. They sell a huge range of different product styles, and you can see their current best selling candle holders on the website.
With all this in mind choose your candle holders wisely, and you will be sure to add elegance and style to your home without spending a fortune!

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