Walmart Shoe Stretchers

Walmart Shoe Stretchers

Today we will be discussing some of the choices of shoes stretchers you can get from Walmart. Walmart is undoubtedly one of the cheapest retail stores out there, so it makes sense to look for a shoe stretcher there. At the time of writing, the only stretcher Walmart currently have available is the Stretch Genie which some of you may have seen on tv. Is it worth the purchase though, or is it yet another one of these cheap infomercial gimmicks? Let’s talk about that in detail below.

Does it live up to the hype?

Stretch GenieWhen it comes to shoe stretchers, Walmart decided to replace all their previous products with the Stretch Genie. This should give an indication of how good the product is, but you can keep reading if you aren’t quite convinced yet!
This shoe stretching kit is designed to cure those slightly awkward fitting shoes. This will prevent you from getting calluses and blisters. More importantly it will not work to make shoes a bigger size! Say for example you are a size 6, and you buy a size 5 pair of shoes. It cannot do this amount of stretching, which would mean altering the entire shape of the shoe which would ruin the shoes!
It is also designed to break in shoes, so you can avoid that discomforting period while your new shoes are still stretching to your feet size.

The Stretch Genie is made up of two parts – the shoe stretching liquid, and two stretching units for each shoe. The way it works is that you spray the solution inside the shoe area where you want to stretch the shoes (the toe area in most cases), then adjust the two stretchers to the same length and insert them into the shoes. It is worth noting that the stretching liquid is most effective for leather shoes as this provides a good way to soften the leather enough to stretch it to the correct shape. This doesn’t mean that the kit is only designed for leather shoes, as you can use it for any type of shoe although leather shoes can be stretched the quickest thanks to the special stretching liquid solution. Stretch Genie In UseYou don’t have to use the shoes stretchers at all if it is only a minor adjustment needed, you can simply spray on the solution and start wearing the shoes. the spray solution itself is a clear liquid, which means you don’t need to worry about an discoloration on your shoes.
It is important to mention that the Stretch Genie is not limited to stretching out only shoes. The spray solution also works great on gloves and wallets. This is perfect for those gifts that are a slightly small fit, as this shoe stretcher will do a great job fixing them.
This method of stretching shoes is the exact same way it is done at shoe repair shops, so essentially you are getting a professional tool for the fraction of the price it normally goes for!

However the question remains – does this stretcher actually work? The answer is yes. As mentioned earlier it can’t do miracles like making a shoe a size bigger, but it can easily stretch a shoe enough to give you a comfortable fit. It is most effective with leather shoes, but given a bit of time it can work on most other shoes with a little patience. Some people have said it is a little awkward to adjust the stretcher when it is inside the shoes, so the key is to adjust it on the outside and then give it a push to get it inside the shoe.

Is it worth the money?

Currently you can get hold of the Stretch Genie for around $15 so it isn’t really a lot of money to spend. To avoid hours of discomfort and painful bunions, we would definitely recommend this product. Sure you can get cheaper plastic Chinese shoe stretchers, but these have time and time again proven to be complete wastes of money as the product is brittle and does a very poor job overall. We have seen this product on special for $9.99 every now and again, so it would be worthwhile perhaps shopping online to see if you can get it for a little cheaper. If it is out of stock at your local Walmart, then you can find it on Amazon for roughly the same price over here.
One bottle of stretching liquid lasts for quite a few applications, so it is quite a worthwhile investment for the long term. But to sum things up it is definitely worth a try, and for the low price of $15 then you haven’t really got much to lose.

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