Welbilt Bread Machines

Welbilt Bread Machines

In this article we are going to be chatting about some of the bread machines made by Welbilt. These were a very popular brand of bread machines that were available on the market a few years ago. However today they are quite hard to find, and generally you will have a tough time trying to find a brand new one in stores. These fantastic bread machines are made in Japan, and thus they were well renowned for their reliability, and their longevity compared to some of the cheaper bread makers you will find available today. If you are having a hard time finding a Welbilt machine, the next best thing to look for is a Zojirushi bread maker, as these are also made in Japan and are also highly regarded for their reliability. Below we will have a look at some of the more popular Welbilt models that were built over the years.

Welbilt 3000 Bread Machine

Over the years Welbilt have made a variety of very popular bread makers. These ranged to budget machines, to ones that could bake a large variety of breads and jams. The Welbilt ABM-3000 bread machine was one of the top rated models when it was first released onto the market, and even today it can still keep up with the competition. Secondhand models for sale are often quickly snapped up, as they are know for being virtually indestructible. The 3000 series was a vertical loaf maker, and could make 1-1.5lb loaves of bread. The included timer was programmable up to 13 hours, and the top of the machine had a little viewing window so you could keep an eye on the cooking progress. In addition to this, there was also a quick bake setting, which shortened the cooking time, but still gave fantastic results. For those with a bit of a sweeter tooth, there was a setting for the kinds of bread that contained extra sugar, raisins or nuts. For the folks that liked a healthier meal, there was also a wholewheat setting which baked this kind of bread to perfection. The loaf pan had a nonstick coating, and this made cleaning very straight forward and hassle free. Overall this was a great mid range bread maker at the time of release, and it is still considered to be a good buy on the second hand market.

Welbilt 4900 Bread Machine

As the name might suggest, the ABM-4900 series was a newer and improved version of the 3000 series models of Welbilt bread machines. This particular model was more designed as a higher range model, and it came with a variety of features that made it a very attractive looking purchase. The 4900 featured a number of similarities to the 3000, but it did have a added range of new options with it. The capacity was increased to a well sized 2lbs, which gave it a much broader appeal to families who needed a steady supply of fresh bread. Like the 3000 series, this one had a handy viewing window on the top, and had the usual settings such as wholewheat, quick cook, sweet loaves and basic bread. If you enjoy making jam, then this one had a specific preset for making jam which is a nice little extra. The included timer works for up to 12 hours, allowing you to set it in the morning then come home to the lovely sight and smell of freshly baked bread! The 4900 comes with a nonstick cooking pan, so cleanup is fast and easy. This is another popular choice when it comes to used bread makers, so if you see this particular one for sale at a reasonable price, be sure to give it some good consideration as it is certainly a worthwhile purchase.

Welbilt 8200 Bread Machine

One of the more recent models to come out is the ABM-8200 series bread maker. This is one of the more advanced bread makers that Welbilt manufactured, and has all the bells and whistles you could possibly want. It featured a very large 2lbs capacity, and in addition to all the settings from previous models, it also had around an extra 30 presets to play with! These included settings for dough, and ultra fast baking. Like other modern machines, there is a built in crust control, allowing you to bake your bread to your personal preference. If you were baking any kind of bread that contained fruits or nuts, there was a very noticeable audible signal when the time came to add those additional ingredients. The entire machine is coated in cool touch material, making it a bit safer for anyone who has kids around the house! A large viewing window was built into the lid, and the lid was also removable so you could keep it nice and clean. Unlike earlier models, this one had a small memory battery built in. So if someone were to accidentally unplug it or if there was a power failure, all the settings would be retained for you. The timer included with this model was 13 hours, allowing you to prepare a fresh loaf of bread day or night! Also included with this model was a handy recipe guide, helping you to make the most out of the machine. This is one of the best bread makers you can currently get, as is definitely well worth a purchase. Being a more recent model, you may even find one available new if you are lucky. Otherwise a second hand one in good condition will be a wise investment.


Those are some of the more popular Welbilt bread machines that were manufactured. All of them still stand alone as good bread makers, even compared to recent competing models. Remember to keep an eye out for any good deals, although you will struggle to find a new one as we mentioned earlier. Zojirushi bread makers are the next best replacement, and are readily available in most stores. Our experience has shown that Japanese made bread makers are much more reliable in the long term, so if you can’t find a decent Welbilt model, then a Zojirushi may be the next best thing for you.

User manuals

Here you can find the user manuals for the ABM-3000 Manual, the ABM-4900 Manual and the ABM-8200 Manual.

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