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In this article we will be talking about wine fridges, also otherwise know as wine chillers. With such a large range available to buy, it can be quite tough at times trying to decide which one will be best for your needs. Today we will be discussing some of the features and requirements to keep in mind before you pick one out. After that we will be be checking out some of the top rated models we have come across, and you can skip right onto that section if you want over here. Otherwise let’s kick things off by talking about some of the features you should look at before you make a choice.

What features should you look for in a chiller?

Culinair AW160S CoolerThe first and most obvious choice you will need to make when it comes to choosing a fridge is the capacity you need. These kinds of fridges come in a large range of sizes, ranging from be able to store 6 bottles all the way up to 60 and above. For a small household, a 8 bottle holder is more than sufficient, but it all depends on what your requirements are. Our wine fridge reviews look at a number of sizes to suit a range of budgets, so hopefully you can find one to suit your needs.
Next you should be looking for a fridge that has an adjustable temperature range. Different wines should be kept at different temperatures, so having the ability to do that is definitely the best option. Most modern day wine chillers come with this ability, so it isn’t something you need to worry about too much.
Thinking about temperatures, there is another feature you should lookout for. If you like different kinds of wine, then a fridge with dual zones may be what you need. These are fridges that have two different partitions, which means you can have different temperatures in each zone. This is handy for example if you have some red wine you wish to keep at a 55F temperature, and you also have some white wine which you want to keep at a colder 45F. This kind of features gives you the most flexibility in terms of what wine you wish to keep cool.

Another consideration is the noise output of the unit. Some of the cheaper units can be a little on the loud side when the fan kicks in, and this could be a nuisance, especially if you intend to have the cooler in an area where you socialize. If you think this may be an issue for you, remember to see what the noise output rating of your chosen model is, to make sure this won’t cause a problem.
Another consideration is the sizing of the unit. Some of the smaller models are designed to fit under counters, while others are quite tall. Remember that with an under counter unit you must leave sufficient space for ventilation, otherwise the model will really struggle to keep the wine cool.
Some models come with removable racks or baskets, which can be handy if you have abnormally sized bottles which otherwise will not fit into the standard racks.
There are some of the few features you should keep in mind before you come to a decision. As always, we strongly recommend you read some customer reviews to get an idea of how it operates in real world settings. Now lets look out some of the top rated models currently available on the market.

Recommended model – Haier HVTEC08ABS Cooler

Haier HVTEC08ABS CoolerWe’ve got three wine refridgerators to recommend in this section, and the first is the small Haier HVTEC08ABS 8-Bottle Cooler. This is a basic, modern looking cooler with a 8 bottle capacity. It features a double insulated smoked glass door on the front, with a black cabinet and silver door trim. The controls are all electronic, and the current temperature of the fridge is shown on the front with a blue lcd. This model is fairly small in size, and should comfortably fit under most counter tops, or even on top of them! For a few bottles of wine, this is a very good economical choice. Haier is quite a respected brand in the world of refridgerators, so this should last you many years. With a retail price of around $130, this model is a good choice if you only need to chill a few bottles at a time. You can check the current pricing of this model and read some of the hundreds of positive reviews over here.

Recommended model – NewAir AW-181E 18 Bottle Fridge

NewAir AW-181E Space SaverIf you think the Haier may be a little on the small size for you, then the NewAir AW-181E Space Saver could be the answer. This has a capacity of 18 bottles, and it comes with a double paned glass front door made out of thermopane, which features uv protection. All the chrome shelves are removable and you can also flip them over to accomodate larger bottles instead of ordinary sized ones. The interior features a blue led light to give a modern and stylish look.
This model is designed to be vibration free, and this helps prevent any sediments. This model has a temperature range of between 54-66F, and like the Haier above it has a full set of electronic controls on the front, which are all displayed by means of a blue lcd. The combination of stainless steel, chrome and the blue lcd really makes this a great looking fridge. With a retail price of under $250, this model certainly is great value for money. You can take a lot at some of the many customer reviews and latest pricing on Amazon right here.

Recommended model – AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Fridge

Koolatron WC29 FridgeFor something with a large storage space, the AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Fridge is a popular choice. The capacity of this model is 21 bottles, and it has removable wooden racks for those larger bottles. There are two zones in this fridge, and the top zone holds 6 bottles, while the bottom area holds 15. The controls are all electronic, and the current temperature is displayed between the two shelves on the lcd. The temperatures for the smaller top zone range from 44F-66F, while the bottom zone ranges from 50F-66F. The glass door is doubled paned, and the silver door handle gives it a modern and elegant look against the sleek black body. There is a soft blue light on the interior, which helps to add a great stylish look wherever this unit is placed. This unit comes with adjustable feet, which is perfect if this unit is going to be placed on an uneven surface.
If you want a decent wine fridge with a large capacity, then this is worth a look. Like the other fridges above there are plenty of positive user reviews on this model, and with a retail price of around $300 it is quite a tempting purchase. You can check the current pricing and see some of the customer reviews over on the Amazon product page.

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