Wood Coat Trees

Wood Coat Trees

A wood coat tree is used in many locations, most notably business and homes. Many businesses like to use a coat tree for their employees and customers, as this keeps the place looking tidy and adds great elegance to the office. Previously employees had to keep their coats and jackets on their chair or draped over the desk, but now they can look neat and tidy on a rack. And let’s face it if a business looks untidy, who would want to do business with them? You need to keep things looking as professional as possible, as this puts confidence into your customers.
In the home you face a similar problem. Many people have no defined area for their jackets and coats to go, so they leave them lying around the house. This ends up making your house look very untidy, and is a definite eyesore. To combat this you could buy a coat tree. They are quite cheap, and allow you to keep your home looking tidy. Some folks have the benefit of having a closet to house their jackets and coats, but this is often very small and can get overcrowded in no time. A tree could house your additional items, and ensures that there is always room for additional coats. These products are not limited to hanging coats and jackets though. You can also use them as a hat rack,and to house caps or scarves. Many will come with around 10 hooks, but you can buy some with more or less depending on how many items you need space for.

What are some of the advantages of them?

It has been said that Mr Thomas Jefferson was the man who invented the coat hanger, and since that time coats and clothing have always been hung up. A closet is a popular location for your coats and jackets, but many people would prefer to use this space for other things. This is an example of when a coat tree would be used. They work especially well in foyers or hall, as they can fill up a bit of the empty space.

They can be seen as part of the furniture, and many of the models are designed with style and fashion in mind. In addition to the standard coat tree, you also have models that come with benches built in. These benches allow you to house other items that you don’t normally use inside your house. These can include boots, umbrellas, wallets and keys. They benches are good for housing wet or dirty items that you don’t want to use inside the house.

What are some of the different designs?

In recent years the wooden kind of coat tree has seen a massive revival. Many years ago it was not uncommon to see one in every home, but the popularity declined over the years. Recently though thanks to the new fad of home decoration, the coat tree is back in full demand, as people are discovering how useful they are and how stylish they look. There are thousands of different designs and styles on the market today, and a model out there to suit every budget. If you are looking at adding some classic style to your home, a cherry solid wood, or winsome tree would be perfect. This model oozes class and elegance. Or you could go for something a bit simpler, and save a bit of money.
You might be wondering where the best spot would be for your your tree. The most popular spot would be near the door, as many people take their coats off as soon as they step in the door. A hallway or foyer would be ideal, as the coat tree would fill up a bit of the empty space, but overall it doesn’t matter too much where it goes. It could also go in the closet corner, which could be handy if you want to use the hanging space for something else.


The beauty of a wood coat tree is that it is quite easy to move, especially if you don’t like the location of it. With a closet, or a wall mounted coat rack you are stuck with having your coats in one place. A hall tree can be moved in a few seconds, which is great if you are having a hard time deciding exactly where it should go! If you have a large family, or often have guests then you could always invest in a second tree to keep up with the demand for rack space. They are very reasonably priced, and two or more would not look out of space! Looking online for a coat tree is a very good option, as there are hundreds of sites out there that offer good deals on them. You can also read other buyers reviews beforehand which will help you decide if you want the product or not. Amazon is a good place to take a look, as they have many different models for sale. You can see what they currently offer on the Amazon website.
When choosing your coat tree keep these tips in mind, and you can be sure of finding one that lasts you for many years!

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