Wood Framed Mirrors

Wood Framed Mirrors

One of the current big fashion trends at the moment is to have wood framed mirrors. Many years ago mirrors were solely used as a grooming aid. However in this day and age they are equally used as a decorative material. Everyone’s attention can be caught with a framed mirror. Sometimes a wall mirror can be given a massive face lift simply be putting it into a new frame. And the most famous of the current big framed trends are the wooden style frames. The reason they are so famous is that wood is a timeless look, and the wooden finish always gives away a stunning look. Many varied and stylish designs are available with wooden frames. Below we are going to be talking about the various sizes and styles you will find.

How do you choose one?

There are a multitude of different mirrors designs available on the international market. Ultimately you will have to decide which design will best suit your home. Some add a traditional look to your home, while others add a modern chic look. Ballad Designs are one of the more famous designers of this type of style. They come in larger sizes, and are probably the most well know designs on the market. Generally speaking this particular framed mirror design is seen as being very attractive by anyone who has seen it. Nine inches thick is the rough width of the wooden frame. In this particular frame, the glass looks stunning. It will fit in any part of your room as a decorative material. Another popular type is called the DecoLav 9805. This one is slightly different in shape though as it is almost round. As for the sizing, it is 32″ long, and 22″ wide. For this type of frame, you may have to have it ordered as they are custom made.

What are some of the popular types?

Some of the other popular types include the Belle Foret BF80059. It is rectangular in shape. This design would fit particularly well in a drawing room, however it would fit in a variety of different places. The craze of wood style framed mirrors keeps getting bigger every year, and because of this we are seeing many innovative and unique designs. The Belle Foret is a fine example of this, measuring around 40″. Another new and stunning design is the Uttermost 13550 B. This one has a unique selling feature which is that it is has a bamboo finish. This finish really does make it look stunning, and is a great example of modern art with great functionality. Like the previously mentioned frame, the Thiago Beveled is also made from bamboo. It seems that bamboo is becoming quite a popular finish for mirror frames, as demonstrated by the success of these two frames. If you can’t find any mirrors with a wood frame that you like, have a look at the bamboo ones and you may be pleasantly surprised.


These kinds of mirror frames are very cheap, and will last you for many years to come. They are readily available in many places, so finding one shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Your local home stores should have a good range of them in stock. If you can’t find one locally, then it is worth looking online. Ebay tend to offer a range of cheaper ones, so that is certainly worth a look. Amazon is also a potential option to look at, and you can see their current range of mirror frames at this link.
Choose carefully when selecting your wood framed mirrors, and you can add beauty, elegance and practicality to your home.

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