Wrought Iron Candle Chandeliers

Wrought Iron Candle Chandeliers

Today we set out to take a new look at the current state of the chandelier industry, and discuss why a wrought iron candle chandelier is such a good investment. If someone said to you “wrought iron”, the first thing you might think about could be a wrought iron mirror or fence. In the world of chandeliers, wrought iron has been a commonly ignored material in the 21st century, until recently. Bronze, glass and crystal are amongst the popular material styles of chandeliers. Wrought iron has recently been added to this elite list, and this rings true more than ever for the chandelier world. If you still think that bronze and crystal are the premium materials for chandeliers, you better think twice. In this day and age, you could find a chandelier for any room, especially with the huge variety of styles and shapes. If you are a everyday home owner, you will have no trouble finding something suitable – contemporary or modern.

Why are they so special?

Even though the chandeliers are made out of wrought iron, this does not make them any less classy or elegant. The wrought iron tyle chandelier was THE type to have many centuries ago, and were primarily used by royalty. They were a popular choice for many kings and queens. With the traditional look coming back in full swing, the demand for oldish style chandeliers has rocketed. Some are purely wrought iron with candles, and others have a wrought iron base, but have crystal integrated with them creating a stunning and unique look. The dropping crystal look is very popular at the moment, and there are over 10 jaw dropping chandeliers that are currently sold in this range. By combining the crystals with the iron base, you can create a look that is both traditional and modern.The only real difference between this frame and the standard ones are the iron base. If you are a designer, and you are going for a elegant look in your home, then a wrought iron kind of candle chandelier is a must have. They create a stunning lighting base for any getaway house, mansion, or dining area.

Will it work in your home?

At a rough estimate, if your home has more than 1500 square feet, you should have a dining room area that will happily show case a wrought iron chandelier. If you have a elegant, or even a more traditional look in a mind, a wrought iron style model is a perfect way to achieve this look. At the starting point, you will find chandeliers with 3 tier lighting fixtures. Some of the bigger ones have 40 tiers of lighting. Which size you buy will entirely depend on the size of your dining area, so you need to measure this first before you can decide what chandelier will fit best. The worst thing you can do is buy a chandelier that is too small, or too big. It can completely ruin the feel of the room by making it feel under or overpowered, so do not make a hasty decision when it comes to this. You should read a few lighting guides beforehand, so you have a rough idea of what size you need. It would also be a good decision to measure your dining room table, as this is an additional factor to consider before your purchase.

If you are going for a 17th century look and feel, then you may be after the round frame style chandelier with the 8 candles. This is one of the more popular and traditional types. Sometimes the candles can be replaced with small bulbs to look like candle flames. This creates and interesting and modern feel. Most come with a chain of 10″ or longer. You could take a whole week to decide what to buy, as there are such a large variety of the wrought iron models out there! As for the price, expect to pay anywhere in the region of $199 all the way up to $10,000. If elegance and beauty are what you are after, then price should be no limit when it comes to choosing your chandelier.


So that is a brief look at what you can expect to find when looking to buy one. Popular manufacturers include Hubbardton Forge, Kichler, Maxim Lighting and Sea Gull. All Of these companies create a really good wrought iron candle chandelier, so keep them in mind when you are doing your shopping. They can be a little tricky to find as they aren’t a conventional item in your local home store. So where can you find them? There are many shops online that sell them, but with the downside that you can’t actually see them in person. The occasional seller on Ebay has them for sale, otherwise Amazon is worth a look as they sell quite a few different ones. You can see their current product range on their website.

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