Wrought Iron Mirrors

Wrought Iron Mirrors

If you are looking for a way to add timeless elegance, and a stylish decoration to your home, a wrought iron mirror will be perfect for you. They can fit in to a wide range of interior looks, managing to look modern while still looking classic in a traditional home, or a modern sleek setting. These particular types of mirrors are very at home in any location, whether you have a mansion, or a small cozy apartment. As a matter of fact, if you have a smaller room, the mirror will create an illusion of space for you. They seamlessly match and combine with your other decor, and are perfect for virtually any room of the house.

A wrought iron kind of mirror can be acquired in many varying sizes, shapes and finishes. If you can’t seem to find one that you like, many manufacturers will offer the option of custom building one exactly to your spec. You will have to pay quite a bit extra for this type of service though, as the mirror will need to be hand cut, and obviously the design will need to be hand moulded too. What you will find though is that the the vast majority of the mirrors out there will be suitable for most people’s taste and current decor.

What Exactly Is Wrought Iron?

In this day and age wrought iron is more of a marketing term unfortunately – today it is in most cases a form of mild steel. The reason for this is that the real wrought iron that blacksmith artisans used is very expensive, and quite difficult to find. The proper charcoal wrought iron is virtually rust proof, and can withstand corrosion for centuries. As a good example, we can look at Westminster Abbey, located in London (UK). To this day there are still wrought iron railings there that were made in the thirteenth century! At the moment we have a variety of wrought iron called puddled iron. This was discovered in the 19th century, as today is the closest we will get to the real thing.When attempts were made to mass produce wrought iron, a form of mild steel was invented around 1859. Containing a mixture of carbon and iron, it is made by melting cast iron, then getting rid of the slag and some carbon. Considerably less expensive than puddle iron, mild steel has better consistency, and is stronger. The downside is that it is not anti-corrosive. Powder-coating, coatings with zinc and galvanization are some of the more popular methods to combat this.

Shapes, Sizes And Designs

These particular mirrors can be found in hundreds of differing shapes and sizes. Popular shapes include square, oval and round. Size wise you can find some so large that they need to be left standing on the floor, and anything between.
Some wrought iron style mirror designs are very simple, and others are amazingly intricate. Some will come with a beautiful lamp, or even have a shelf attached. The mirror glass will be non-beveled or beveled. Commonly you can find them with metal style borders or with frames.
In most cases, the mirrors will be finished off with paint so you will see many different colors which compliment the metal. Popular ones include black, silver, bronze, gold and rust. The mirrors will fit with most decors out there, as they are a timeless classic. They will add the illusion of space to an area, and can be used to brighten up a dark room by reflecting artificial or natural light.


These kinds of designs are not as popular as conventional mirror frames, so finding one can be a little tricky. Ebay can often give you some good results, so that is one place to look if you can’t find that ideal design. Otherwise Amazon also offers quite a few of them for sale, and you can see what they currently stock over here.
Remember these points when shopping for your wrought iron mirror, and you will add class and elegance to your home!

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