Wrought Iron Plant Stands

Wrought Iron Plant Stands

When you have moved into a new home or living area, it is not uncommon to start thinking of ways you can improve up the feel and look of your place. Or you may want to give you current home a bit of a face lift by adding something new. You can do this several ways; perhaps you want to go for a more modern look by buying a flat screen hd tv? Or you give the house a new set of paint. One of the cheaper and more practical ways is to buy wrought iron plant stands. This is by far the cheapest and easiest option.

What are the advantages of them?

You can acquire plants stands in different materials. Plastic and wrought iron are two of the more popular ones. First off we have plastic. Generally though plastic gets dirty very easily, and can be quite flimsy under the weight of a few plants. It comes at a very cheap price though, but how long it will last is questionable. Next we have wrought iron, which has none of the disadvantages of plastic. Despite containing little elements of slag and carbon, the material is primarily pure iron. You may have noticed that most wrought iron stands have a wood-like grain feel to them – this is because of the trace amounts of slag, which can be seen as beneficial because of this. Despite the wood-grain appearance, you can be assured that wrought iron has all the strength properties of steel. And although being very tough, the iron is easily moulded into many varying shapes and sizes. Some of the wrought iron stands feature powdercoating, and this seems like a more common occurrence these days.

In most cases, the stands come as one unit though, so no assembly is required. However for those stands that do need to be put together, almost everyone will agree that wrought iron models are the simplest to put together. Normally all you need to do to construct the stand is to place the pieces together, almost like lego, and your stand is done in no time!

Can the stands be used for anything else?

The beauty of wrought iron style stands is that they are not limited to plants – you can place anything that fits on them. If you get a bit bored of seeing the plants on them, you can swap them for something else. Photos or vases are two examples of other items that would look just as stunning on the stand. Your imagination is the limit, and you should keep this in mind anytime you are renovating or upgrading your home. Keep an eye out for the type of stand that will compliment whatever you plan on putting onto the stand. The beauty of the wrought iron kinds of stands are that they are available in such a large variety, and you will be able to find something that will compliments your plants or objects in no time, and add beauty and elegance to your home!

When you are looking at the size of the stands, you need to think about what they will be supporting. Normally weight is not an issue because these stands are very strong. However if the stand is too small, the plant may be too big, and will overshadow the stand completely. As a general rule, it is good to have a stand where the plant pots are a little bit smaller that the size of the stand. With this in mind, have an idea of what plants you wish to fit on the stand before you buy it, so you manage to find a good size match. Your next consideration will have to be color. If you are displaying plants, you will need to be careful that the stand color does not overshadow the plants. Generally the common black color will compliment your plants the best.

As far as maintenance goes, all you really need to do is give the wrought iron plant stands a quick dust every now and again to make them look like new. If the stands are outside, you don’t need to do anything. Their coating will keep out the rust, and makes sure they are anti-corrosive.


These kind of stands are fairly easy to find in many garden and home stores. If you can’t find anything decent locally, then you can always have a look online. Amazon keep quite a few wrought iron models in stock, and you can see their current available range of stands on their site.
With all this in mind choose your plant stands stand wisely, and it will add beauty and elegance to your home.

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