Zett Baseball Gloves

Zett Baseball Gloves

Baseball gloves are big business in America, but that is not the only place where it is played. Japan also has a large baseball culture, and Zett is one of the biggest manufacturers of baseball goods in Japan. Today we are going to get talking about the gloves they produce, as many of their different models are now available for sale in the United States. To begin with we will talk about the company history, and then looking at some of the models they have for sale. Keep reading on below to find out more.

A brief history of Zett

Zett was formed in Japan almost 50 years ago, and has been the dominant force in Japanese baseball accessories for over half a century. Their main focus is on catchers and bats, although they do stock other baseball related accessories. In recent years Zett has been attempting to expand into the North American market.

So far they have accomplished some of that goal, but for the most part they are still somewhat of an unknown brand compared to some of the bigger American brands such as Rawlings or Nike. On the pricepoint, Zett does remain a cheaper option, and for this reason people assume it is because of inferior quality. This could not be further from the truth. This is only due to the fact that the production costs are lower in Japan where the gloves are made. In our opinion they are certainly worth considering compared to the local brands.

Their current product line

As far as their product line goes, they have two ranges of mitts available. The pro status set of gloves, and the beginner range. The pro line of catchers are manufactured in Japan, and are well know to be as good as any American made baseball glove. The beginner level range of catchers are manufactured in Taiwan, and opinions on these seem to vary. This is not due to the manufacturing quality, but more to do with the fact that you can’t really expect much from a beginners glove can you?
When it comes to baseball bats, Zett manufacturers a variety of sizes, including adult bats and youth bats. These bats are well designed, and are know for being able to knock one out of the park with ease!
Quite a few major league baseball players proudly wear Zett baseball gloves. These included Roger Clemens, Shinji Mori and Kaz Matsui.

The finer details

Zett gloves are made with great attention to detail. Throughout the history of the company, Zett has been renowned in Eastern Asia for their intricate design patterns, and the fine quality of the leather used to manufacture their mitts. Comfort is another high point when it comes to their products, and their gloves are know for being strong, yet fairly flexible for some of those harder to make catches!

Most of their gloves, like every other leather American glove, will take some time to “wear in”. This typically means the leather will need to soften up a little before the glove really becomes a comfortable fit. It normally takes a couple of weeks for this to happen, but this is a pretty standard practice when it comes to getting a new glove as most of you will know.

Where can you get them?

So where is the best place to find Zett gloves? As mentioned earlier in this page, Zett aren’t as popular as the big American branded gloves, so finding them in a store can be a little tricky. A good source to find the gloves is online, as there are quite as few places where you can find a wide variety of the gloves. So your best bet is to shop online, and compare dealas before deciding on what Zett glove is best for you.

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